A party commences an arbitration under the BCDR-AAA Rules by submitting a request for arbitration.

The process of filing the request is governed by Article 2 of the BCDR-AAA Arbitration Rules.

Formal Requirements, Information, and Documentation as per Article 2 of the BCDR-AAA Arbitration Rules

1. The party initiating arbitration (“claimant”) shall give written notice of arbitration to the administrator and at the same time to the party against whom a claim is being made (“respondent”).

2. Arbitral proceedings shall be deemed to commence on the date on which the administrator receives the notice of arbitration.

3. The notice of arbitration shall contain a statement of claim including the following:

(a)  a demand that the dispute be referred to arbitration;

(b)  the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of the parties;

(c)  a reference to the arbitration clause or agreement that is invoked;

(d)  a reference to any contract out of or in relation to which the dispute arises;

(e)  a description of the claim and an indication of the facts supporting it;

(f)  the relief or remedy sought and the amount claimed; and

(g) may include proposals as to the means of designating and the number of arbitrators, the    

     place of arbitration, and the language(s) of the arbitration.

4. Upon receipt of the notice of arbitration, the administrator shall communicate with all parties with respect to the arbitration and shall acknowledge the commencement of the arbitration.

Number of Copies and Supporting Documents:

BCDR-AAA requires one original (including all annexes), and an additional hard copy for each opposing party identified in the request.

Filing Fee: Administrative Fees

The administrative fees of the BCDR-AAA are based on the amount of the claim or counterclaim.